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Terms & Conditions

General conditions of sale

AQUA-WATCH (hereinafter "AQUA-WATCH") develops and sells storable energy sensors and transmitters (gauges) and allows its users to have access to a mobile application with multiple functionalities which may change over time.

  1. All our sales and services are subject exclusively to these general conditions, excluding the customer's general or specific conditions, even those listed on their documents. By placing an order, the customer acknowledges having consulted and accepted these general conditions.
  2. Our offers are without engagement, except sale. Any order entrusted to us is only binding upon written confirmation from us.
  3. Unless otherwise stipulated, our prices are understood to be paid for in our stores. The price does not include the installation of the product at the buyer.
  4. The products will be deemed to have been approved by the buyer no later than eight calendar days after receipt of the goods, unless a complaint is made by registered letter before the expiration of this period. The aggregation will cover all apparent defects and conformity defects, that is to say all those which it was possible to detect at the time of receipt.
    A possible recourse on the basis of the guarantee for hidden defects can be brought by the customer only within 2 months from the date of delivery and provided that the defect renders, to a significant extent, the product unfit for the use for which it is usually intended and has been properly installed, placed and used. To be able to benefit from this guarantee, the buyer must notify any complaint by registered letter immediately after finding the defects.
    Our warranty is limited, at our option, to free repair or replacement of defective goods.
    Being concerned with improving the quality of our products, we reserve the right to modify the technical and / or aesthetic characteristics of our products. Differences on the product can occur, they cannot in any case justify a cancellation and / or a refusal of the goods.
  5. Unless otherwise stipulated, the buyer has the express obligation to take delivery of the goods within eight days of the notification of its availability, failing which, the seller will have the right to automatically consider the contract as terminated at the fault of the buyer. In this case, the buyer will be required to pay an amount equivalent to 30% of the sale price as damages.
  6. When delivery falls to us, it is carried out by the means of our choice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In this case, the goods travel at the expense and risk of the customer, except for fraud on our part or that of our employees. Delivery times are given for information only and any delay in supply can in no case give rise to the cancellation or refusal of the order, damages or compensation of any kind.
  7. It is expressly agreed between the parties, that by derogation from article 1583 of the Civil Code, the delivered goods remain the full and entire property of the seller until full payment of the invoice by the customer. She can claim restitution in a few hands as the goods are.
    The buyer is nevertheless solely liable for the loss, even by fortuitous event or force majeure, of the goods sold.
  8. The customer-trader who exhibits our products or booklets in his store must obtain our prior authorization.
  9. Our invoices are payable within 8 days. Failure to pay an invoice when due makes all our other claims on the customer due as of right.
    Invoices not paid when due are productive, ipso jure and without prior notice, of interest of 12% per year from the date of the invoice until payment.
    In addition, the customer who has not paid an overdue invoice, will be liable as of right and without prior notice, compensation equal to 10% of the balance due with a minimum of 100 euros, will be due as compensation for damages.
  10. We sell products in perfect working order. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of improper treatment or misuse of the product after delivery. It will be up to the person who avails himself of the seller's fault to prove that the products were not in working order before delivery.
    It is up to the buyer to check the conformity of the products and services sold with the goods (oil tanks, smartphone, etc.) on which they will be used.
  11. The services linked to the use of AQUA-WATCH products may be temporarily unavailable. The buyer will not be able to engage the responsibility of EXOWATER in this regard.
  12. We reserve the right, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, to modify or interrupt our services temporarily or permanently and without having to inform you in advance, in particular if you have violated or acted in contradiction with these general conditions and / or any legal requirement in force.
  13. A pledge on the product (s) sold is made concurrently with the sale until payment of the price.
  14. Contractual relations are governed by Belgian law, provided that it does not derogate from these general conditions of sale.
  15. Any litigation will be the exclusive competence of the Courts of the judicial district of saint martin.