The Ultimate Gauge for Water Tanks

Keep an eye on your water level

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AQUAwatch Systems

Enables you to monitor your water tank volume anytime and anywhere* in the world using a single application.
(*where Internet is available)

AQUAwatch Benefits

Your tank capacity in real time, your consumption at a glance!!
Get an alert when your tank is running low.

Worldwide Access

Watch on time your water level! Never let your tank be empty!

Consumption Monitoring

Monitor your weekly, monthly and yearly water consumption.

Custom Alerts

No more water shortage.
Custom alert programming.

Easy Install

Data available withing 24 hours after a quick and simple installation on your smartphone.

Low Subscribtion Fee

The Subscribtion includes the SIM card and communication fee.

Optimize your Consumption

Detect anomalies and optimize your water consumption.


Easy to start, just follow the instructions.

Which information can I see in the mobile app?

The mobile app makes it easier to manage your water tank. The app is available in a web version (without installation on your phone, via and as an application - see the guide).

Here are the main features available:

  • Consult the consumption of a tank
  • Consult the level of the tank
  • Share the tank with another person
  • Receive notifications when the tank level is low

The app allows to consult all these information tank per tank for an unlimited number of tanks.

How to install AQUAwatch – Tank connect products?

To install the sensors, simply create an account on the AQUAwatch app.
Select the type of product to install on the AQUAwatch app and follow the installation instructions step by step.
Your gauge will be installed in 5 minutes!

  • Visit the App website for first intallation and everyday use
  • Go further and access detailed information, charts and downloadable history table using the Dashboard

Is my tank shape compatible with tank monitoring? How to encode the dimensions?

The sensors we sell are compatible with different types of tanks. We have developed solutions to cover over 95% of the configurations present at world level.

Air tanks vs buried

Our sensors are compatible with both outside tanks and underground tanks.

Compatible tank shapes

Get instructions:

Maximum measurable dimensions

The maximum distance of our sensors depends on the model sold. Generally, the maximum depth of the tank is around 4 meters. We have solutions that can measure up to 5 meters in industrial settings.

Compatible types of liquids

Our solutions are compatible with all liquids.

How to easily access the app from your smartphone?

You have created an account on our web application and now want to be able to access it easily from your smartphone? It is very simple to add an icon to your phone in order to access it in one click. We explain below how to do it in three clicks.

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